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    • PBA横幅




The 帕特·伯恩斯竞技场 offers a great rental space for your next event and the best ice in town. To request more information, and to reserve ice or a room, please contact the 帕特·伯恩斯竞技场电子邮件.



这个季节的常规房价是160美元.90 per hour which comes to $185 when taxes are calculated.
我们的冰一年12个月都有供应. Prices are discounted in the spring and summer months. For special pricing on a combination of the VIP room and ice rental, please contact the arena. We also offer special pricing for organizations and tournaments during the spring and summer months.

For more information and to reserve the ice, please 体育菠菜大平台.


Our reception facilities are the definition of accessibility. The room rental prices start at $35 per hour plus tax. The fully equipped reception rooms offer an ideal setting for both small and large events. 它们适合任何场合.

For more information on renting one of our reception rooms, please 体育菠菜大平台.


  • 平板电视
  • 音响系统(扬声器、麦克风等.)
  • 投影仪
  • 其他HDMI兼容设备


接待房间 能力
VIP的公司 25' x 34' 40
多功能 33' x 33' 60
VIP的公司 +多功能 66' x 24' 100