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沃尔夫的房子 & 健康中心

沃尔夫的房子 and the wellness centre are the latest campus additions at 边境上大学.
奠基仪式于周六举行, 9月24日, 2022, with 边境上大学 board chair Jonathan Cowen on hand along with Head of School Michael Wolfe, Associate Head of School Joanne Carruthers and Property Committee chair Martin Béasse.
这两座建筑的总成本是7美元.500万年. This project will be financed through donations solicited from the alumni community, 我们的董事会, 受托人, 体育菠菜大平台的朋友们, 以及来自校友约翰·麦凯的2022年慷慨礼物, 1952届毕业生. 

With a contract for construction awarded to Conceptions Desrosiers of 玛各, the new facilities are scheduled to be ready for students by September 2023. 


For information on how you can be a part of this very important project please reach out to Jesse McRae Director of Advancement at jmcrae@shenggang-gjg.com



沃尔夫之家将以迈克尔·沃尔夫命名, who has spent over 20 years at 边境上大学 and the last 18 years as head of school.

沃尔夫的房子于2023年9月向大三女生开放. It includes 26 beds for boarders and spaces for 12 day students as well as three apartments for house directors. 

The dorm is built on the southern edge of campus near the former site of the school’s 健康 centre, 哪座在2022年春天被拆除了. 自 2019, the College opened Cowen House for Grade 12 students and closed its junior girls residence in Colby, 学校的主楼. Prior to the opening of 沃尔夫的房子, Webster House was home to all Grade 7 to 11 girls. 

沃尔夫家族与体育菠菜大平台有着深厚的渊源. 先生. Wolfe and Amy Wolfe have been working at Stanstead for almost two decades. 他们的三个孩子, 坎贝尔的12, Riley '16 and Hayley '24 have attended and graduated from the College.
4月1日, 2022, old 健康 centre was torn down to make way for the new construction of both buildings.

The new wellness centre will reflect a more holistic approach to student well-being, 只有两名护士, 全职咨询师, 运动治疗师,偶尔做医生. The facility will include living areas for two nurses and their families and a third area for an on-call nurse. It will also include beds for 10 students as well as a concussion assessment room.